Leading a new revolution in HVAC Products

Albert Weiss AC Products Inc. - Leading a new revolution in HVAC Products

On the recommendation of the leading Engineers & Contractors in New York, our organization, in 1959, was selected to represent several renowned Manufacturers of HVAC products. We have grown from a four men company to a fifty people organization. Our staff consists of Engineers, Estimators, Sales & Finance. We warehouse materials in our New York Manhattan office, and in Scranton, PA. for overnight delivery. We pride ourselves as being Specialists in Air Distribution & Noise Control. Our company works closely with Design Consulting Engineers & Architects in selection of the optimum equipment for the project.

In our 55 years in business, in association with Architects, Engineers & the cooperation of our Manufacturer's we have developed many new products for the HVAC industry. Our company bids at least 90% of all Plan & Specification Projects to General, Mechanical & Sheet Metal Contractors. Service is our main objective.